Business & Management Consulting

Money is the foundation of any business. Businesses are started to make money, and if they don’t make enough, then they aren’t businesses for long. That’s why financial expertise is critical to any business endeavor. That’s where we come in.

Aiken Warner Leonard PLLC brings decades of experience to benefit our business clients. We can help corporate management recognize the warnings hiding in a company’s financial reports to ensure ample time to react effectively on the information, and we can identify the hidden opportunities embedded in a company’s financial history and projections. The closer we work with the leadership of a company, the better we get to know a firm’s operating structure, client and vendor philosophies, the more effective we are as advisors.

While we have extensive accounting and taxation knowledge and experience, we also have another significant advantage that genuinely elevates us above our peers: our business valuation practice. Performing valuations brings us into intimate contact with a variety of industries and companies where we see the best and worst business systems and practices. This ongoing contact gives us an exclusive understanding of the characteristics that make a business strong and sound, as well as specialized insight regarding the unique circumstances of many different industries.

Furthermore, Aiken Warner Leonard PLLC continually invests in areas that many other firms do not, including exceptionally strong security systems, databases, and ongoing education to ensure that we remain current on applicable financial laws, regulations and trends. We bring such resources to bear so that our clients can be confident they’re receiving the best advice and service possible.

From acquisitions to succession planning, budgeting to real estate transactions, and everything in between, let Aiken Warner Leonard PLLC demonstrate our value to your business’s bottom line.