Aiken Warner Leonard PLLC, CPAs takes safeguarding the security of your personal information very seriously. To that end, we make regular investments in data and physical security.

Data Center
All Aiken Warner Leonard PLLC data is stored offsite at a Tier Four-level datacenter facility – the highest security level available. This humidity- and temperature-controlled facility is built to withstand natural disasters, such as earthquakes and even Category 4 hurricanes, and is protected in the event of a National Code Red threat level. The physical security of the datacenter is closely monitored around the clock, with controlled access, closed caption TV, and 24-hour security officers. All files are backed up nightly, and tapes are rotated offsite for disaster recovery purposes.

Aiken Warner Leonard PLLC employees connect to this datacenter through the Internet, and enterprise firewalls screen all information received. Through firewall and networking equipment, servers are segmented into virtual networks, protecting each server from the others should a breach occur.

All servers are protected with Microsoft Windows security, and systems are continually upgraded and patched to minimize vulnerabilities.

Secure Online Portal
Many Aiken Warner Leonard PLLC clients take advantage of our secure online web portal. This password-protected portal allows clients to safely access and download their completed tax returns, as well as to securely upload tax documents that might be needed by the accountant preparing the return.

Encrypted Email
Aiken Warner Leonard PLLC uses email encryption to further protect sensitive communications with clients. Encrypted emails are accessed through a password-protected web portal, and clients may securely reply to emails without having to download any software. Our encryption service ensures the highest level allowed by law.

Physical Security
While the importance of your digital data is tantamount, we also take steps to ensure the physical security of your information.

  • Our controlled access office enables us to monitor all guests entering our suite.
  • We maintain a “clean desk” policy to ensure client information cannot be casually viewed by guests or other staff.
  • We employ a powerful cross-cut shredder to destroy any extraneous materials containing important personal or business information.

Through these various mechanisms, Aiken Warner Leonard PLLC maintains the security and privacy of your information.